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Chapters (184 pages):

  • Preface
  • What is INTEGRITY?
  • Why is INTEGRITY important for Africa?
  • Corruption – the deadliest disease in Africa
  • The 10 commandments of INTEGRITY
  • The sickness worse than AIDS
  • INTEGRITY for Donors and NGOs
  • INTEGRITY for Investors
  • INTEGRITY for Parents
  • INTEGRITY for Students
  • INTEGRITY in Sports
  • INTEGRITY for Prisoners
  • INTEGRITY for the Police
  • INTEGRITY in business
  • INTEGRITY in Newspapers
  • INTEGRITY in the Church
  • INTEGRITY in Hospitals
  • The simple INTEGRITY test
  • How to use INTEGRITY to get and keep the job you want
  • How to use INTEGRITY to become Happy, Rich and Successful
  • Appendix
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